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12.21.10(no subject)
induction cooktops

Benefits of Induction Cooking

If you want a faster, safer, cleaner, cooler, and cheaper way to cook, then you might be in luck with Induction Cooking. Induction Cooking has many benefits and advantages that you might love to know.

This is a faster way to cook than with gas. Energy is directly transferred within the pan metal, cooking on an electric induction range is extremely fast, even faster than gas. That means shorter cooking and prep time.

Induction Cooking is also safer. There is no open flame, no hot coils, or any flammable materials.

Technology like this is also a lot cleaner. No grates or grease to worry about making cleaning up simple. Just wipe away its flat, smooth surface.

This product stays cooler than others. Gas and electric waste a lot of heat, but with Induction Cooking you don't have to worry about that.

Best of all, it is a lot cheaper. Since it uses energy in a more efficient way, compared to gas or electric, you get more for your money. Gas delivers only 55% to the pan and traditional electric about 65%. With Induction Cooking, you get 90% more energy delivered to the pan.

So if you're looking for a faster, safer, cleaner, cooler, and cheaper way to cook, check out Induction Cooking.

induction cooking
I haven't made any textures in a while so I decided to make some today and share them with you guys. Hope you like 'em.

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Hey guys, long time no see. I decided to post a new tutorial since my last one did pretty well. There's a lot of manga and anime coloring tutorials out there, so I thought I'd make my own coloring tutorial, but with real people. I hope you guys this useful and fun. ♥

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